About Us

Ve’ahavta is a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization that is motivated by the Jewish value of tzedakah – the obligation to do justice – by assisting the needy locally and abroad through volunteerism, education, and acts of kindness, while building bridges between Jews and other peoples, worldwide.

Ve’ahavta is founded on the understanding that the world in which we live is a most beautiful and blessed world offering us the lush green of the rainforests and the kindest and most righteous of human beings. They also recognized that war, genocide, hunger, abuse and endless other forms of hatred and pain are inflicted by those governments and individuals intent upon destroying what so many others have worked to build.

We are perpetually conscious of the fact that we in Canada live in one of the world’s finest countries, at perhaps the most prosperous time in history. With this in mind, we encourage all Canadians, Jewish and non-Jewish, to recognize that we who have been blessed, often with affluence, always with peace, have a responsibility to share with and enhance the lives of others.

Many of us are in a position to help alleviate the suffering of the poor of Argentina, the villagers of strife-torn Darfur, women chained to a sewing machine and children forced to do labor 15 hours a day under the burning sun, without relief. Ve’ahavta has made it a goal to enable each and every person, nationally and internationally, to actualize tikun olam (repairing the world) through our personal gifts.

We at Ve’ahavta believe that it is essential to partner as often as possible to ensure a better world, and to play a strong role in tikun olam. We are always interested in hearing from you about events, programs, and trips abroad that have a tikun olam component. Let us know about the humanitarian trip you are making to India or Tanzania, and what your goals are while in your country of destination.

Well done on your work to make our world a better place. As Rabbi Tarfon so eloquent stated: “You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”

Join Ve’ahavta in our quest to repair the world. Lend us your strength, knowledge, and resources to help actualize this vision.

One Glorious chain of love, of giving and receiving, unites all creatures.

- Samson Raphael Hirsch