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With support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ve’ahavta is delighted to announce a groundbreaking national health promotion initiative called “Briut” (Hebrew for “health”) in conjunction with seven First Nation communities in Kenora, Ontario. The program is designed to improve the long term physical and mental health of Aboriginal populations by strengthening the delivery of community based health promotion programs. Click here to read more…


People living on or below the poverty line often have significant health issues. Our goal is to help reduce the negative impact of poverty on health in our local community.


In 1996 Ve’ahavta launched its Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless van outreach project in partnership with Na-Me-Res, the Native Men’s Residence. In 2001, Ve’ahavta began operating the vans independently three shifts per week. Beginning in January 2010, we sent out volunteer and logistical teams on two vans for a total of seven shifts per week. In 2009, we served 4,369 clients with services including food and drink, essential clothing, hygiene supplies, and various referrals to self-improvement and counselling facilities. In 2010, 538 volunteers served 7,624 clients. That is a 75% increase of clients served! To find out about volunteer information, click here.


Ve’ahavta hosts community dinners once a month for the homeless at Evangel Hall Mission and Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre where up to 120 participants receive a warm and nutritious dinner. A volunteer team leader is chosen to bring together family, friends, and colleagues to provide a valuable volunteer experience and a welcoming environment for those they serve. At each of these dinners volunteers have the opportunity to interact with the homeless and get to know participants on a more personal level than they could in any other setting.The Ve’ahavta expansion plan for the Community Dinners Project will include two additional partners in the downtown core and one kosher community dinner partner. To find out about volunteer information, click here.


Ve’ahavta introduced our annual Community Passover Seder in 1999.This annual event provides a wide range of marginalized people and members of the Jewish community with the opportunity to share this unique Jewish experience, actualizing the mitzvah “let all who are hungry come and eat.”This year 40 volunteers will prepare a meal for 150 of Ve’ahavta’s clients.Together they will celebrate the Jewish holiday of freedom by recounting the story of the Exodus from Egypt as explained in the Passover Haggadah. To find out about volunteer information, click here.


Access to education has long been considered an important vehicle for poverty alleviation. Ve’ahavta is committed to empowering clients through education, which is rooted in the Jewish value of the power of learning to transform and improve lives.


The Ve’ahavta Street Academy (VSA) is an eight-week program, in partnership with George Brown College, for people that live on or near the streets of Toronto. VSA helps marginalized individuals access education as a means to becoming self-sustainable. The Street Academy is designed to motivate and empower students to explore education as a way out of poverty or off the street. We believe that post-secondary education in a city such as Toronto opens the door for the future. A supplementary income is included as a means to overcome barriers and provide an opportunity for inclusiveness. VSA offers life skills, diversity training, conflict resolution training, communication skills, educational lectures and a complete career evaluation. Click here for more information on the Ve’ahavta Street Academy.


Ve’ahavta & TWC’s Creative Writing Program (CWP) delivers a series of ongoing, creative writing workshops which are geared to marginalized and vulnerable individuals. Our goal is to support the establishment of communities of writers in often silenced populations while increasing the literacy skills of participants. To learn more about the Creative Writing Program click here.


The Creative Writing Contest gives the homeless the opportunity to improve their writing skills and to share their stories in order to gain confidence through the experience of interactive creative writing workshops and a Coffee House Event, where the winners provide a live reading of their personal stories. This writing contest provides hundreds of clients each year with a chance to express themselves, nurture their gifts and talents, and clarify who they are, where they come from and where they might go. The annual Creative Writing Contest for the Homeless has been operational since 2001. In 2010, the contest was expanded to include participants from Vancouver, and in 2011 it expanded to Halifax as well. We will continue to expand the project to include participants from cities across Canada.


Kinder Kits are packs of essential school supplies that are distributed through partner agencies to children living on or below the poverty line. To date we have distributed 5,500 Kinder Kits in Toronto alone. The Kinder Kit Project teaches the concept of tikun olam to individual volunteers, schools, community groups and corporations alike. Volunteers participate in preparing and delivering the Kinder Kits while being introduced to the realities of poverty and its impact on education.


Building on a rich Jewish heritage of leaders and wisdom, Ve’ahavta’s Youth Leadership Department will: educate, equip and resource young people (ages 30 and younger) to take action on today’s pressing social justice issues; so that the leaders of today and tomorrow may pursue a more just and compassionate world. If a young person wants to take action, we want to help them do it!


Ve’ahavta is committed to international development through health and educational initiatives. New partnerships are continually being forged while educational opportunities for volunteers continue to grow.


Education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized children can lift themselves out of poverty and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities. Ve’ahavta launched the Kinder Kit Project in 2009 to provide educational supplies to children in need at home and abroad. These kits contain the supplies necessary for a child’s academic year. Without the proper tools to learn, a child’s chance at success is dramatically decreased. Many families cannot afford the costs associated with attending school, such as purchasing school supplies. These kits will relieve one of the family’s financial obstacles of providing their children with the education needed to battle poverty. To date we have distributed over 26,500 Kinder Kits internationally through our international distribution partners in Israel, Haiti, Poland, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Niger, and Kenya.


Nearly 7 million children die every year of preventable and treatable diseases. Operating out of Mali’s urban slums, Muso’s success has been extraordinary, winning international acclaim by reducing the child mortality rate tenfold! Ve’ahavta has partnered with Muso, supporting their initiative to eliminate preventable deaths by delivering high quality, lifesaving services to one of the poorest counties in the world. More information: www.projectmuso.org



Ve’ahavta is committed to a formalized approach to international crisis response as a core part of tikun olam. Ve’ahavta is a member of the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief, a coalition of aid organizations which functions as a coordinating body in times of crisis to share information, share information, best practices, and determine how to allocate shared resources in times of international crisis.

HAITI – Following the earthquake in January 2010, which left three hundred thousand dead, half a million homeless, and countless buildings, homes, and livelihoods shattered, Canadians donated $228,000 to the Ve’ahavta Haiti Crisis Fund. Donations were immediately allocated to help facilitate the shipment of food, shelter, education, and medical aid, as well as implementing relief efforts on the ground. Support was provided to:

• Seven Haiti-based NGOs, providing basic necessities of life including the House of Hope (HoH) Orphanage • Eight Canadian, Israeli, and American NGOs including Health Partners International of Canada, The Israel Trauma Coalition, Magen David Adom, International Rescue Committee, The National Association of Jewish Chaplains, Afya Foundation, Food for the Poor Canada, and Canadian Feed the Children • Four medical volunteers who provided relief in the aftermath of the earthquake Ve’ahavta continues to provide on-going support in food, shelter, education, medical aid and volunteers to the people of Haiti.

JAPAN – Ve’ahavta has raised $20,000 for victims of the April 2011 earthquake in Japan. Funds have been distributed through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief in support of food and water distribution programs, emergency shelter, and psychosocial programs.

HAIFA – Ve’ahavta raised $20,000 to support emergency feeding programs for those affected by the fire in Haifa in 2010. Funds were distributed through Hazon Yeshaya Humanitarian Network to support feeding programs for victims affected by the fire, post trauma intervention programs implemented by the Israel Trauma Coalition, as well as the burn unit at Rambam Hospital.

PHILIPPINES – Super Typhoon Megi made landfall in the northern Philippines on October 18, 2010 battering coastal villages in the Isabela and Cagayan Provinces. The impact on livelihoods has been severe. Through Save the Children, Ve’ahavta contributed $1,200 to support local initiatives.

PAKISTAN – The 2010 Pakistan floods began in late July 2010, resulting from heavy monsoon rains and affected the Indus River basin. Ve’ahavta raised and donated $15,000 to support the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s local partners to provide emergency shelter, food, fuel, and water.

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