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photoweb It is with great regret we announce the passing of a good friend and client of Ve’ahavta: Wayne McKenna. Just a few short weeks ago, Wayne was a guest on Ve’ahavta radio, where his sincerity, wisdom, and joy were felt by all. Our condolences go out to Wayne’s friends and family. Wayne will be remembered fondly especially by Ve’ahavta’s outreach workers Lauren Gostick and Eric Cisterna, who proved to be strong support systems for Wayne during his illness and last days of his life. Click here to listen to the interview.
DSC02097website Listen to Ve’ahavta Staff, Kirill Zaretsky and Robyn Segall, discuss the inspiration and personal stories behind the “Could It Be Me?” campaign.
Wes square What drove a former Executive to give away $1 million to live on the streets with the homeless?
peter banner web He played for the Toronto Blizzard until his knee blew out. He became a cop and today he is the Deputy Chief. Listen to Peter speak about the police and their compassion. Worth a listen!
DSC00734 square An exciting interview with our chairman of the board, Henry Greisman.
Lou and Wendy 2 When a men’s fashion mogul, and a philanthropist hook up tikun olam can flow. It does with Wendy and Lou Myles.
Ve'ahavta Radio Here is the latest Ve’ahavta Radio episode. We interview Steve Schwartz, of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem.
DSC01936 Listen to 3 fascinating stories of addiction – past, present, and future.
Ve'ahavta Radio Sometimes co-hosts just need to talk
Joan 2 Joan has communicated with people in jail for over 9 years and brought hope to individuals who otherwise live very bleak lives.
Ve'ahavta Radio Listen to the new riveting interview with two of Ve’ahavta’s own Community Poverty Relief staff Eric Cisterna and Lauren Gostick
DSC00591 Click here to listen to the stories of two street youth and their struggles.
DSC00574 This pilot show features a deeply moving interview with former prostitute and crack addict Theresa Schrader.

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Ve’ahavta TV

Nate Leipciger

Watch as Holocaust Survivor Nate Leipciger discusses remembrance and the importance of giving back to the community, no matter how difficult jogging old memories may be.

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman of Beth Torah Congregation

Watch as this progressive non-denominational Rabbi discusses experiential Judaism and what is required for proper Tikun Olam.

Bernie Farber, Jewish Community Leader and Activist

Watch as community leader and activist, Bernie Farber, discusses his influences and how he became so involved in standing up for Toronto’s Jewish community.

Rabbi Howard Morrison 

Rabbi Howard Morrison talks to host Avrum Rosensweig about his experiences as a Jewish leader in Jewish Communities in both Canada and the USA.

Gerda Frieberg

After 67 years of wondering, Holocaust Survivor Gerda Frieberg finds out how her father died under Nazi captivity Watch this intimate and important interview.

Reverend Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea 

The Reverend Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea engages one of Canada’s most influential spiritual leaders on matters of Interfaith dialogue and combating racism and homophobia as an openly gay man.

Theresa Schrader

Watch as former sex worker and crack-addict Theresa Schrader, who now works for Ve’ahavta, discusses her fascinating life story. Theresa now runs our Creative Writing Contest for the Homeless and the Ve’ahavta Street Academy.

Ellie Bass

Host Avrum Rosensweig talks to Ellie Bass, a recent convert to Judaism and a noted naturalist, expert in homopathic medicines and kinetic energy cures. Ellie Bass is the Director of the Jewish Family Institute and Wellness Consultant.

Jason Samilski

Watch this amazing interview with creative poet, rapper, writer and the winner of Ve’ahavta’s Creative Writing Contest for the Homeless.

Gitel Rosensweig

Watch this heart-warming interview during with Avrum Rosensweig talks to his own mother about her life as a Rebbetzin and mom.

Modya Silver

Ve’ahavta TV host Avrum Rosensweig converses with Modya Silver, a scholar and teacher of Mussar, a movement that has made significant contributions to Jewish Ethics and Spiritual Discipline.

Burt Serfaty

Avrum enjoys this interview with an old friend, Burt Serfaty, who is a lifestyle coach and born into a loving caring home. The interview reflects the warmth between the two and Burt’s tremendous understanding of the human condition.

Mubin Shaikh

Ve’ahavta TV host Avrum Rosensweig hosts a fascinating interview with former counter terrorism operative Mubin Shaikh, a devout Sufi muslim whose infiltration brought down a terrorist ring in Canada. Avrum’s interview goes beyond the headlines as he discovers that Mubin’s motives were done to spare his community the ignominy of being lumped all together as terrorists and radicals.

Moishe Posner 

Avrum interviews an old friend, Moishe Posner, who is an impressive Jewish activist.


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