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The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian and Relief Committee

International Tikun Olam Centre

200 Bridgeland Ave., Unit D

Toronto, Ontario M6A 1Z4


Tel: 416.964.7698

Fax: 416.964.6582

Toll-free: 1-877-582-5472

Name Job Title Ext. E-mail
Avrum Rosensweig President & CEO 213 avrum.rosensweig@veahavta.org
Dave Warwick Comptroller 218 dave.warwick@veahavta.org
Sarah Zelcer Director of National & International Programs 215 sarah.zelcer@veahavta.org
Ilana Linden Development Officer 221 ilana.linden@veahavta.org
Kirill Zaretsky Senior Director of Development 222 kirill.zaretsky@veahavta.org
Lauren Gostick Program Coordinator (MJRH) 226 lauren.gostick@veahavta.org
Robyn Segall Director of Communications & Operations 228 robyn.segall@veahavta.org
Shawna Meshwork Community Development Officer 211 shawna.meshwork@veahavta.org
Carol Berns Fundraising & Administrative Coordinator 210 carol.berns@veahavta.org
Ruth Hart Volunteer Services Coordinator 216 volunteerinfo@veahavta.org
Eliana Tizel Finance Co-ordinator 212 eliana.tizel@veahavta.org
Theresa Schrader Community Poverty Relief Associate 214 theresa.schrader@veahavta.org
Ellen Passmore Director of Local Programs 217 ellen.passmore@veahavta.org
Amit Robson Junior Outreach Worker amit.robson@veahavta.org
Daina Zweig Live Below The Line Campaign Co-ordinator 229 daina.zweig@veahavta.org
Danny Richmond Director of Youth Leadership 224 danny.richmond@veahavta.org
Leah Silverman Project Co-ordinator, National & International Projects 225 leah.silverman@veahavta.org
Kaelan Karjalainen Intern, Marketing & PR 227 intern_marketing@veahavta.org

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