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bookIt is with great pleasure that we start off the New Year with a very special landmark 10 years of our Creative Writing Contest. 10 years ago in the early days of Ve’ahavta this was a small contest and a big vision of giving individuals a VOICE! Ten years later our contest has grown and more and more people are sharing their story.

Untitled-6Last year we took the Contest to Vancouver and offered the opportunity to the Lower Eastside Community. We had an overwhelming number of submissions from them. This year we have decided once again to expand to another city.

On January 30th our Contest Coordinator Theresa Schrader will be arriving in Halifax, followed the next day by Ve’ahavta President Avrum Rosensweig. Theresa and Avrum will be spending 3 days getting the Halifax Community engaged in the Contest and setting up a future partnership with Community Action on Homelessness to run the Contest remotely in years to come.

So our 10 year Landmark is here, and currently the Creative Writing Contest is in 3 Capital Cities in Canada – Reaching Coast To Coast.


Theresa Schrader our Contest Coordinator and Former Grand Prize Winner has refreshed the contest into a new and improved process in which we are reaching out to members of the Social Work Community. We would like as many people to take advantage of this opportunity as possible, this year we focus more on getting the word out there. This new and improved process comes with a pamphlet series that is compact and easy to distribute, a new judging process, and a whole new look at Social Marginalization. Our contest in the past primarily focused on Homelessness. We recognize that homelessness is just one branch of Social Inequality. There are many individuals that are housed, living with little income that are discriminated against, judged, and stereotyped. We want to hear your stories too. With current income assistance rates it is also important to understand that there are a substantial amount of people living one step away from Homelessness.

Our goal this year is to receive 250-350 submissions.

GRAND PRIZE – $2000 Sponsored By Kernels Popcorn

Second Prize – A Laptop, 12 Months of Internet Service, Digital Camera

Third Prize - $1000

4 Judges Picks – $250

3 Opportunity Awards – A Writing Course and $100


Ron MacLean – Hockey Night in Canada Coaches Corner

Dr. Gabor Mate M.D. – Author of Bestselling Book “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”

Laurie Monsebraaten – Toronto Star Social Justice Reporter

Joe Fiorito – Toronto Star Columnist


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Glad to hear your contest is now on the West coast. However, VICTORIA is the capital of British Columbia. We have plenty of writers in Victoria that are or have experienced homelessness – me, for one. Would you accept a submission from me? My colleagues?

Best wishes,

Debora Alanna

jason spence Says:

I am interested in submitting a story in the short story contest. Can you tell me more about the rules–for example, how many words shourld the story be; is there an entrance fee; where should I send my story…etc…

Frank Trotz Says:

Please send me information about this writing contest. I would like to know all of the information including who is qualified to enter the contest, what the maximum length of article is, and what is the closing date to enter.

Thank you

Frank Trotz


Am I correct that the writing contestant is seeking submissions from residents of Halifax only this year?



Jennifer Tur ner Says:

Looking forward to hearing the results! I am thrilled with the opportunity to tell my story and share my passion with the judges. When can we expect the contest results?

sue Says:

Hi there, Lots of creative writers here in northern BC, many are homeless – we are a tight circle of friends – can we advertise and compete in your contest? Maybe next year – I don’t see deadlines for submission etc. Please contact us about your network. Cheers, Sue Brookes

Robyn Says:

Hello Sue,
Thank you for yoru inquiry. We have in fact brought our contest to BC in the past. For more info, please contact the contest Coordinator, Theresa Schrader, at theresa.schrader@veahavta.org

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