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I live alone in a basement cave

I work by myself by the freeway

Wait all day for the rain to fade

But it doesn’t fade away around you.


So I run with luck until it dries

I flew with the bird until it died

I said a wish into the sky

Dig the ground up before the bottom flies

But flies buzz bad thought clouds

and rain clouds are cold

I saw the rust for the gold

I saw the seams between the folds

Down underground the air gets so cold


As two clouds collide and the sky goes white

the lake turns grey as it turns night

Steady and blue as a gospel hymn

I remembered the good while exploring the sin

Because two sides to anything is hardly enough

Endless angles seep under cuff

Who played till sick, and drank till dawn

And work up in the morning with their dress shirts on


For he who puts down his guard finds trial

The truest happiness be state of denial

Fuel and unrest take one miles

We burned up all the folders just to save on all the files

Cause we go as we want to, come as please

pay the tollman the collection fees

From smashing down upon the floor

to praying on your knees,

could even god himself get a grip on all the sights you have to see?


Cause we were high in the bunker, drunk in the truck

Winding yellow lines with speed and luck

Who wasted in the alley

Who slept in the park

Who’s alarms went off as it got dark

As the cold went lower and the heat turned cold

The wind picked up, those bones were old

But the shake sets in and I knew my fears were

Bigger and closer and realer and nearer and nearer…


Well who cares about the red and black

You missed the dream when you hit the sack

because money was as empty as time was useless

We picked our brains with needles and Q-Tips

But that was not my face in the bathroom mirror

Reflection left as I came clearer

It all suddenly appears and I knew my fears were

Bigger and closer and realer and nearer and nearer and here and

Over and over…

* * *


by: Jason Samilski

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