Community Dinners

Ve’ahavta’s local programs focus on building bridges with like-minded individuals soup kitchento bring safety, support and accessible means of empowerment to all peoples. Ve’ahavta has worked to make an impact on the neighbourhoods that suffer most from all forms of poverty. The Community Dinner Program began in 2009, as an addition to the services we currently provide for homeless or marginally housed people in Toronto. These services include a full time outreach van and a yearly creative writing contest.

Because these meals take place at a location that is familiar and comfortable for the clients, and because many of the clients are repeat attendees, Community Dinners offer a sense of belonging, safety, and connection that is vital and hugely appreciated.

Community Dinners are one of the most fulfilling local volunteer programs to date. This hands-on volunteer opportunity allow families, corporations or other groups of volunteers to fund and participate in serving a nourishing meal and providing a friendly face to the individuals in our city that need it most. As a Ve’ahavta volunteer you will be directed in a structured and safe environment to do various tasks during the drop-in and food service programs. The recommended minimum contribution for a Community Dinner is $500 per meal.

For more information on sponsoring a dinner please contact, Shawna Meshwork at Shawna.meshwork@veahavta.org . For information about volunteering at a community dinner please contact our Volunteer Desk at volunteerinfo@veahavta.org


Gropper family in honour of Adam Gropper's bar mitzvah

Gropper family in honour of Adam Gropper’s bar mitzvah

TELEHOP Corporate Volunteer Team

TELEHOP Corporate Volunteer Team

Volunteers serving a hot meal at Evangel Hall

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