The Uganda Spine Surgery Mission pairs North American and Ugandan medical experts to provide the best possible spine care to Ugandan patients afflicted by infectious, degenerative, traumatic and congenital spinal ailments.  In 2012, the Uganda Charitable Spine Surgery Mission brought together 13 members from the United States, Poland and Canada.  Over the duration of the 2 week mission the team evaluated 67 patients, operated on 12 patients, delivered over $250,000 in medications and supplies to Mulago Hospital, Case Medical Center, the Putti Village, and touched the lives of countless of Ugandans directly, and indirectly.  It is with great excitement and anticipation that the Mission continues to flourish on the already established foundation to create lasting and sustainable change in the state of spine care in Uganda.   Ve’ahavta has provided volunteer scholarships since 2011 to support the participation of one medical student per year on missions taking place in July or August.

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For more information on how to apply, contact sarah.zelcer@veahavta.org

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